Trade Hub

A free social trading app where retail traders collaborate.
Track & share trades with in-depth performance stats, follow others to receive instant notifications of their trades, rank among others on community & global leaderboards, copy trade any analysist or top trader, & so much more! Top traders get paid for submitting winning trades and placed at the top of rankings.
The #1 tool for traders on social media. Auto post your trades to social media such as Twitter, Discord,, & Stocktwits with an optional delay, include your stats such as win rate & average return.

What's to come

  • Mobile app
  • Futures & forex support
  • Broker integration to automate tracking & sharing trades -Copy trading. 1-click order creation, user confirmation required to execute
  • RIA certification to fully automate copy trading capability
  • Full stock trading educational courses
  • Packed data suite for all markets
  • Updated stock info pages with latest news, analyst ratings, earnings data, and more
  • Chart screenshots at time of entries & exits on Trade Insight display -Adding & editing notes on Trade Insight display after trade submission
  • More socialization such as posts of analysis, ideas, or market related content with comments & live feed page.
  • So much more!
Last modified 4mo ago