Error/Invalid Replies
Explanation of error or invalid message replies you might run into.

The format of your message is wrong. Common cases include typos of triggers or cmp, misplacing ticker, expiration date, strike price, missing call/put, or not including the @ before price.

The specified ticker does exist, was spelled wrong, or is not yet in our system. Typically IPO's take 48-72 hours to be entered. Please only click the Report button if it's an actual ticker, not a typo. You may use $fixtrade to request a trade if this occurred for an actual ticker. Note: Indices such as SPX cannot be used yet, they use different symbols in our API.

This occurs when your input price for your stock trade is out of the allowed range of the current stock price at the time of submitt. Use $fixtrade if you can't get in your actual price.

This occurs when your input premium price is out of the allowed range of the current premium price at time of submit. Some prices move fast so speed of input is imperative. Use $fixtrade if you can't get in your actual price.

Occurs when your using a closing input for a stock or options contract that you do not currently have an open position for. Check if your open position is long or short, and that you are using the proper triggers when closing. Use $fixtrade if your open position closed or expired unexpectedly.

Occurs if the specified expiration date is incorrect. Typically happens when you use an expiration date that is not a real or existing date for that options contract. Do not add the year

Occurs if the specified strike price is not a real strike for that options contract
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Invalid: Your input format is invalid, please recheck the format of your message.
That ticker symbol is invalid!
Your price is too far off the current market price of...
Your premium price is too far off the current price of...
You don't have an open position in
I don't recognize that expiration date! Use mm/dd format or recheck.
I don't recognize that strike price.