Fix/Edit Trades
Trades that need fixed, changed, or entered, averaged, trimmed, or closed need to be requested through support to prevent stat manipulation. This page will show you how to request them.

The $fixtrade command prompts the bot to DM you with a quick & simple process to fix a trade or have one placed on your behalf that the bot wouldn't log for whatever reason.
Click on the button that represents what you're requesting.

You will then be asked to provide the trade data exactly as you normally would when submitting trades with the bot. This prevents any confusion for our staff and guarantees the accuracy of your request.
Only applies if you're trade is already in the system. You will need to provide your Trade ID so our team knows exactly which trade to fix or remove. To find this ID visit your dashboard and click on the trade you are inquiring about, it will redirect you to a page. Copy this link and send it.

To prevent any type of stat manipulation or rank cheating, some type of proof is required. Whether it's a screenshot of your actual trade within your brokerage/app or the screenshot of you submitting the trade in Discord and the bots error or invalid reply message, or lack thereof.
You will receive a response via the bot when your request has been approved, or a reason for it being denied.
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Trade ID (Trade Insight link)