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Open, average, partial/trim, or close trades right from the browser.
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Stocks/Options/Crypto Toggle -To toggle between stocks, options, or crypto trades -Expiration date, call/put, & strike price menus will appear when a actual ticker is entered. Long/Short Toggle -To toggle if submitting a long or short trade Ticker -The ticker of asset being entered -The red circled X will be replaced by logo -When entering a ticker that gets removed, this means it's not an actual ticker or not in our database and should be reported. Currently there is no way to report this directly from the app, only Discord. For now please send an email to [email protected] Pair (crypto) -The trading pair used for trade (I.e. BTC/USDT) @ Price or At Price Text Box -The price of your trade Type Dropdown Menu -Averaging or Partial/Trim is available to this menu when an open position is selected from the right side of display Style Dropdown Menu -To note your trade as daytrade, scalp, swing, or long term TP/SL Text Boxes -Optional, not required -To set Take Profit or Stop Loss -Your trade will automatically close when one of these are hit When options is toggled: Expiration date, call/put, & strike price will appear when a ticker is entered. Select Date Dropdown Menu -A list of all available expiration dates Call/Put Dropdown Menu (Call as default) -To select whether trade is a call or put Strike Text Box -The strike price of your options contract
The settings you use such as long/short or style will be saved from your last use to provide efficiency. Expiration date, call/put, & strike price menus will appear when a actual ticker is entered.

Not in any specific order: Select whether your trade is a Long or Short, enter the assets Ticker of trade, Opening is only option unless an open position on the right side of display has been selected, select the Style of your trade where Daytrade is set as default, (optional) set TP and/or SL.

Select options at the top. Same procedure as submitting stock trades, with the addition of selecting your expiration date & strike price.

Select crypto at the top. Same process as submitting stocks/options, with the addition of providing the trading pair and selecting an exchange the trade was made on.

This is not to be confused with editing an existing trade such as it's price or contract details. To request a trade to be fixed email [email protected], a feature will be added to do this directly from the app.
All the positions shown on the right side of display are open trades. Clicking one will allow you to modify it where you can average up or down, trim or partially close it, or close it out.
TP/SL can be added or changed from the Trade Insight display. Trade Insight Pop-Ups & Pages This abilty will available on this New Trade display in an upcoming version.
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